Port of Funchal

Port of Funchal

The Port of Funchal, located on the island of Madeira, is a vital gateway to the island. With its strategic location and modern infrastructure, the Port of Funchal plays a crucial role in the region’s trade and tourism.

In addition, the Port of Funchal also receives cruise ships from all over the world. Many cruise lines include the island of Madeira in their itineraries, giving passengers the opportunity to explore the island’s natural beauty, vibrant culture and delicious gastronomy.

For travellers who prefer a more personalised experience, there is also the option of renting private boats to reach the island. This can be especially attractive for small groups who want to explore the island at their own pace and enjoy exclusive services on board.

Whichever option you choose, arriving on the island of Madeira via the Port of Funchal offers a memorable experience, with breathtaking views of the ocean and a warm welcome on arrival on one of Portugal’s most enchanting islands.

APRAM – Administração dos Portos da Região Autónoma da Madeira

Location: Gare Marítima do Porto do Funchal, 9004-518 Funchal

Contact: +351 291 208 600

Site: www.portosdamadeira.com

E-mail: portosdamadeira@apram.pt 

Funchal is right next door



Madeira – Porto Santo: 43,7 miles, aprox. 15-25 minutes by plane

Madeira – Lisbon:  597 miles, approx. 1 hour and 15 minutes by plane
Madeira – Porto: 741 miles, approx. 1 hour and 40minutes by plane

Madeira – Ponta Delgada: 611 miles, aprox. 2 hours by plane

Madeira – Canárias: 338,6 miles, approx. 1 hour and 30 minutes by plane
Madeira – London: 1,549 miles, approx. 3 hours and 40 minutes by plane

Madeira – Berlin: 2,034 miles, approx. 4 hours and 45 minutes by plane

Madeira Aeroport – Funchal: 19,1 km, aprox. 17 minutes by car

Contact: +351 291 211 000
E-mail: cmf@funchal.pt
Website: Câmara Municipal do Funchal