Public Art

As the 1960s progressed, there was a timid renewal of Sculpture. The first sculptural works appeared, with a more contemporary style, in comparison with what had existed until then.

The Estado Novo (New State) did not intend, and always avoided, paying homage to historical facts which would overshadow national pride and an example of this was the statue of Christopher Columbus, which was not the most appreciated historical figure.

However, in Madeira, the navigator assumed a special importance due to his hypothetical passage and stay on the Island. In this sense, the sculpture was acquired by the City Hall in 1940 and inaugurated in 1947, which we find in the Santa Catarina Park.

In general the sculptures integrated into projects already of modern architecture, the new sculptures, introduce a less common language, brought to Funchal by some of the most active sculptors in the Continent.

All over the city, you can find the most diverse sculptures, whose tributes range from embroiderers to emigrants scattered all over the world, from the Great War Fighters to the discoverers of our island.

Pay attention to the details that this art transmits!