Streets with history

Streets in Funchal

Toponymy is part of our cultural heritage and is related to events that have occurred or to individuals who have marked our daily lives.

The names of streets, sidewalks, avenues and squares (or other city spaces) are, in general, associated with the history of the locality, whose identity and authenticity, assumed over time, should be preserved.

It reflects a mark of identity, a reference to collective memory in the history of the city of Funchal.

During your walk through the city you can observe the most particular signs, and interesting details, such as the ovens, the processional palace, the Manueline style topped windows, the Madeiran basalt and limestone paving of black and white pebbles, the pillory, the balcony of the Episcopal Palace of Funchal, the Banger Pillar, the wainscot, the ship sighting tower, among other curiosities.

There is, as in all cities, the “baixa”, or downtown, where, in most streets, you can find the stores, stores with history, restaurants and similars, shopping centres, pharmacies, and post office, among other sectors.

The city’s toponymy deserves your attention!