Rua do Marquês do Funchal

Rua Marquês do Funchal faces Rua dos Ferreiros, on the west side, and Rua 5 de Outubro, on the east side. It owes its name to the Marquis of Funchal, a noble title created by Pedro IV of Portugal, regent during the minority of Maria II of Portugal, in favour of Domingos António de Sousa Coutinho, the first Count of Funchal.

Two emblematic buildings can summarize this small street. On its Northside, we have the Palácio da Justiça (Palace of Justice), a work that enriched and embellished the street and that became a major undertaking carried out by the Funchalensse’ Entity, under the presidency of António Bettencourt Sardinha, inaugurated in 1962.

On the Southside, we can see the side façade of the Funchal City Hall (Paços do Concelho) a building of singular beauty, where it is possible to get to know several compartments of this building, in guided tours with the support of the Academic Association of the University of Madeira. This allows you to know the Main Hall, the Meeting Room, the Municipal Assembly Room and the Tower of the Building, with a unique view over the city.