Rua da Boa Viagem

Positioned between Rua do Hospital Velho and Rua D. Carlos I, it is a very busy street due to its proximity to Mercado dos Lavradores and its short length, intersecting only with Rua Latino Coelho and Rua de Santa Maria.

Its name is linked to the chapel founded by Bento da Veiga, with the name of Capela da Nossa Senhora da Boa Viagem. It was a building of typical construction, with an attached dwelling and where the first Customs House was installed, which later became the first butcher’s shop of the municipality. The chapel we can see today does not have the same name as the original one.

Rua da Boa Viagem was once known as Travessa do Oliveira and also as Rua das Flores.

Nowadays, we can still find in this street, the Chapel of Nossa Senhora do Monte das Oliveiras, or as it is better known, the Chapel of Boa Viagem. Founded in 1655 (although the inscription in the portal registers 1683), a space given to the Municipality of Funchal since the 20th century, and which is now used as an Art Gallery, with exhibitions of regional and foreign artists, open to the public between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., during Exhibition periods.

In this street, we find another access to the Lavradores Market, with direct connection to the charismatic Praça do Peixe, where you can meet and purchase a wide variety of fresh fish, another tourist attraction of the City of Funchal and a place of great affluence of the Madeiran population.