Rua do Carmo

An easily located artery due to its centrality, it is 306 metres long and connects Largo do Phelps to Rua Visconde do Anadia.

The street has already known other names and has seen very different architecture.

Names such as Rua das Laranjeiras, Rua de Santo António das Laranjeiras, Beco de Gonçalo Aires, Rua das Portas Novas, Rua do Sombreiro, Rua do Chapéu or Rua Dr. Costa Ferreira, are part of its history.

Its current name is linked to the existence of the Carmo Church, located at the beginning of the street, construction of the mid-18th century, dedicated to Our Lady of Carmel.

In the extension of this artery, we find at number 33-A, the façade of the old Jewish Synagogue and where once operated the Cine Jardim. Although there is no reference to the date of its construction, it is thought to have been built between 1910-1912, after the implantation of the Republic, as its façade is visible to the exterior. Although it is not possible to visit inside, we can contemplate its beautiful façade and imagine its history in the daily life of the local community.

Almost at the end of the street, we find a space dedicated to the life and work of Sister Mary Jane Wilson, founder of the Congregação Franciscana de Nossa Senhora das Vitórias (Franciscan Congregation of Our Lady of Victories), a museum with her name, the Núcleo Museológico Mary Jane Wilson.

Some commercial spaces, a bakery, a supermarket, and hotel units, are part of the services that this street has.