Travessa do Forno

The small Travessa do Forno is located between Rua dos Ferreiros and Rua 5 de Outubro and is only done on foot.

In the 20th century, it was possible to observe the existence of ovens in the back of secular houses. The same happened in some rustic houses in the suburbs of the city, especially in Santa Maria and Corpo Santo and in Rua 5 de Outubro, hence the name of Travessa do Forno, to this small street.

The most relevant space that we find in this Travessa is the emblematic Fábrica de Santo António, founded in 1893 by Francisco Roque Gomes da Silva. It keeps its traditional and very notorious image, confectioning sweets that remind us of old flavours. It is one of the most typical establishments of Funchal. That is because it is the only factory that still produces traditional biscuits and broas, as well as for the characteristic aroma that spreads through the nearby streets. It is one of the spaces classified by the Funchal City Hall as a “Store with History”.