Throughout Funchal’s Historic Centre, you can find various Monuments of great historical and heritage value, almost all of them spectacular and housed in beautiful buildings. You can visit forts, fortresses, civil, military and religious palaces, among others, with several centuries of existence.

Fruit of our history, the Monuments keep the collective memories of events lived in our city, which already has over 500 years of history. These architectural sets, besides safeguarding our heritage, confer identity to places, sites and parishes.

The defence of the island has always been a constant concern, both for the kings and the donors of the region, and for this reason, some of these buildings were built, as the coast was frequently attacked by pirates, leaving the population in constant alarm.

The 18th of April is dedicated to the Monuments, most of which offer free access on this international day.

A Heritage for All. Come, visit our Monuments, and remember our history!