Rua do Surdo

Rua do Surdo is delimited by Rua de São Pedro, to the North and Rua da Carreira, its southern end, running parallel to Rua da Mouraria and Rua das Pretas.

The Caju building, which is located on the corner of Rua da Carreira, used to be a supermarket and was abandoned for many years. It has even been in an advanced state of degradation, but it has been restored and transformed into a beautiful four-star hotel, the Hotel Caju, whose decoration portrays the history of this supermarket. It is a member of the Divine Hotels Collection group, which has preserved its centenary walls and whose decoration is the work of Nini Andrade Silva, a Madeiran interior designer and painter, awarded and internationally recognised. The Hotel offers a restaurant with healthy and delicious food, called Prima Caju.

About halfway up this street, you can visit the 3D Fun Art Museum, a different museum concept, linking art and fun, where you can create good moments and register unique memories in dozens of different scenarios, ranging from 3D images to optical illusions.

At the top of the street, we can find the São Pedro Church, completed in 1743 and presenting a set of architectural and decorative elements from the 17th to the 19th century.