Rua da Mouraria

Rua da Mouraria is a small artery in the city centre with an excellent strategic position. The scarce 130 meters of its length allow a connection with Rua da Carreira and Largo de São Pedro, where it also connects with Rua do Surdo and Calçada de Santa Clara.

The toponymy of this street does not originate from a “mouraria”, i.e., a Moorish neighbourhood, it is linked to João Rodrigues Cabral, nicknamed “o Moradia”, who lived in this location. Its long name declined to Rua do “Moradia”, already known as such in 1570. By mistake, it appears in the late 40s (19th century), the designation of Rua da Mouraria. In 1917, it received the new name of Rua Dr Sequeira, in memory of Maurício Augusto de Sequeira (1845-1911), doctor and professor of the Medical-Surgical School of Funchal, however, in the late 30s (20th century), it resumed its old designation.

Downhill, on the corner of Calçada de Santa Clara and Rua da Mouraria is the oldest museum in Madeira, the Museu Municipal do Funchal. Opened in 1957, it is located in São Pedro Palace and includes the Municipal Aquarium and a Garden of Aromatic and Medicinal Plants, designed for educational and leisure purposes.

On the way down, there is an art gallery, the headquarters of the Association of Madeira Municipalities, the headquarters of the Madeira Development Society, the concessionaire of the International Business Centre of Madeira and some commercial shops.