Funchal Creative

Eugénio Santos

The research work done over the last 20 years, converted into technical drawings of buses, has as primary goals to keep alive the collective memory of this means of transport and its importance in the development of a society.

The contents exposed are a small sample of the bases of what may be called “Madeira Bus Virtual Museum”. The idea will be to create additional space, a sort of iterative site, available through the Internet, where the interested parties may seek historical knowledge about this theme.

It is known that, throughout time, vehicles have been ageing and consequently falling out of service, having as destination the dismantling. With rare exceptions, the only legacy is the hundreds of photographs that document the existence of the buses in the archipelago. Today, thanks to new digital technologies, combined with a lot of patience and dedication, it is possible to reconstruct a grey past, transforming it into resplendent colours.

Technique used:

Vector drawing with Adobe Illustrator, exported and completed in Adobe Photoshop