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Bordal – Bordados Madeira, Lda. is open since 1962 and maintains until nowadays the characteristics of the time of its opening. With about 56 years of existence, Bordal has accumulated along the years a large patrimony through the acquisition of materials from old embroidery houses that did not resist the decreasing of the market, thus maintaining the collective memory and tradition of the Madeira Embroidery.

The building where the shop is located is a work of modernist architecture from the mid-’40s that incorporates some decorative elements of historicist features. It is in an almost exemplary state of conservation, with the entrance having the original floor of the time (40’s/50’s), the stairs from the ’50s, with a concrete floor with red pigment, handrails, etc.

Address: Rua Dr. Fernão de Ornelas 77, 9050-021 Funchal

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday: 9a.m -7p.m | Saturday: 9a.m – 1p.m

Closed: Sunday and Holidays