Typical drinks

The wide range of drinks typical of the region can please any visitor, including alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, as well as sweet and bitter flavours.

Thus, during your visit to Funchal, you can taste these regional treasures and delight yourself with these drinks that have a long tradition in Madeira Island.


Poncha is one of Madeira’s ex-libris and one of the island’s most traditional and best-known drinks. This is an alcoholic drink typically made with aguardente, sugar and lemon peel. However, nowadays, there are other variants of various flavours.


Nikita is a regional drink that may or may not contain alcohol. Traditionally, it consists of pineapple ice cream, sugar, pineapple slices and if it contains alcohol, white wine and/or beer. Nowadays, there are other versions of this drink made with other flavours.

Pé de Cabra

Pé de Cabra is an alcoholic drink made of a mixture of dry wine, black beer, sugar, powdered chocolate and lemon peel.

Aguardente de Cana

Aguardente de Cana (sugar cane cognac) is a traditional Madeiran drink made from sugar cane. Nowadays there are several flavours of this brandy, being recognized as a quality product.