Funchal city day

August 21 is Funchal City Day, a municipal holiday that evokes the historic elevation of the town to the city, decreed by royal charter by King Manuel I in 1508. This event celebrates the history and iconic culture of the city of Funchal.

The festivities on this day are grand and include solemn ceremonies marking the occasion. The celebration begins with the city’s anthem and the hoisting of flags, which convey the spirit of unity and patriotism of its inhabitants. In the religious sphere, a solemn mass is held, honouring the town’s tradition and faith.

On this day, a commemorative session takes place in the Municipal Assembly room, where members of the presidency meet to honour and recognise those who have excelled in their areas of work. It is on this occasion that merit medals are handed out, an honour reserved for those who have distinguished themselves on behalf of the city.

In short, Funchal City Day is an event of great importance, which brings citizens together around a celebration of history, culture and local identity, thus reflecting the vitality of the city of Funchal.

Funchal city day: August 21st