The city is covered with good cheer with the arrival of the carnaval season. Funchal dresses up, becoming a performance stage for the bands that enliven the streets.

One of the great attractions of this season is the Cortejo Alegórico de Carnaval, held on Saturday night, where decorated floats and troupes with hundreds of people in colourful costumes and a contagious choreography parade.

Carnaval Tuesday is the day when the famous Cortejo Trapalhão takes place, full of popular creativity and satire, where people from all over the Island participate.

However, it is not only the parties that fill this period of revelry. Do not forget to taste the typical sweets, the “sonhos” and the “malassadas”, served with sugar cane syrup.

Carnaval offers a panoply of activities, providing moments of animation to its visitors, where joy and relaxation reign supreme.

Carnaval: February or March