Parks and Gardens

Ajuda Public Garden

This green space is located in a heavily urbanised area of Ajuda, parish of São Martinho, which was inaugurated on the 8th of August 2005. It has an area of 11,800 m2.

The space originated in a set of areas that were yielded from land division operations, taking the form of a large patio.

Taking into account the history of the place, the garden was designed by considering the existence of the previous banana plantations, extensive dry-stone wall for shelter from the winds, and the availability of water from the Levada dos Piornais. So, a set of municipal vegetable gardens was established there, in the middle of the urban area, an innovation in the municipality of Funchal.

Location: Rua do Vale da Ajuda, Funchal

Area: 11,800 m2 | Altitude: 80 – 92 m

Ownership: Municipal Public

Opening hours: 7a.m – 10p.m (22 Mar. – 22 Sep.)

7a.m– 8p.m (23 Sep. – 21 Mar.) | Open every day

Contact: +351 291 231 502