Parks and Gardens

Vila Guida Viewpoint Garden

Small garden located 3 km east of the centre of Funchal. With an area of 2,000 m2, it was built in 1938 under architectural features that marked that period of the Estado Novo dictatorship.

It is divided into two levels, with the upper level serving as a belvedere overlooking Funchal bay, with a central semicircular belvedere and two rectangular belvederes covered by pergolas ornamented with bougainvillaea. Large trees line the upper landing, acting as green curtains to the adjacent streets. On the lower level, one can find cobbled pavements interspersed with flowerbeds with exotic species, only the eastern edge being ornamented with larger trees. Still on this level is the tile panel by Adriana Lajinha, with an old image of the amphitheatre of Funchal.

Location: Rua Conde Carvalhal 93A, 9060-174 Funchal

Area: 2.000 m² | Altitude: 70 – 75 m

Contact: +351 291 231 502