Parks and Gardens

Quinta do Poço Gardens

Quiet garden located about 3 km north of the centre of Funchal, next to the church of Imaculado Coração de Maria. Between 1932 and 1933, Funchal City Hall built here a 7 000 m3 drinking water reservoir to supply the city.

In addition to the various flower beds that make up the garden, full of ostentatious plants, we can also see a grassed area covering the space of the reservoir.

The galleries and wrought iron gates that currently enclose the Quinta belonged, until 1935, to the Municipal Garden, having been removed from there when Avenida Arriaga was extended to the west. Still, above the well, there is a viewpoint from which one can enjoy an excellent panoramic view over the city and bay of Funchal.

Since 1988, Funchal City Hall’s Gardens and Urban Green Spaces Division has been operating in this space, which includes not only the garden service but also the four municipal cemeteries and the Municipal Urban Gardens.

The remaining gardens, parks and other public green spaces are supplied, among others, by plants and trees produced in the nursery here.

Location: Estrada dos Marmeleiros 1, Funchal

Area: 8,100 m2

Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 9 a.m – 5.30 p.m

Closed: Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays

Contact: +351 291 231 502


Entry: Free